Drupalfun v 2.3 - download the site - Latest Version!


Due to popular demand, I have decided to make the source code of Drupalfun.com available for download. Drupalfun is the showcase of the ebook, that is available here, but has been updated to use the latest modules. I have been getting more and more consulting request asking for a similar site. By offering the package, you get it cheaper and faster. The package is exactly the same site as drupalfun.com.

Drupalfun is a social network with the following features: profiles, photo galleries, video galleries, shoutbox, private messaging, friends, groups, worldmaps, shared AdSense,question forum, recent member list, statuses, activity list,... and many many more. Check out a live version on drupalfun.com.

The Drupalfun v2.3 package contains:

  • all the files of the Drupalfun.com site, as it is now.
  • configured database (sql without content).
  • installation instructions.

The installed modules include:

  • Drupal 6.17
  • Panel 3.5
  • Views 2.11
  • CCK 2.7
  • Gmap 1.1
  • ... and many many more...

Click here for a complete list of all installed modules, including version numbers.

When you buy this package, you will get all future versions for free, so you constantly have access to the latest package. Please note that Drupal and the separate packages are available under the GPL licence. The added value to this package is the fact that the site is already preconfigured. With this package and some basic knowledge on how to set up a basic Drupal site, you can have a site like drupalfun.com up and running in a few minutes.

Have any questions about this package, just contact me. If you want me to customize the site further to your likings, or offer installation services, please use the contact form.

List Price: 293.70
Price: 219.70