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For beginners who've gained a smidgen of Drupal familiarity, or more experienced users who are still new to community features, UCGS will prove a useful cookbook. Although the book's shorter recipes don't go far beyond "season to taste", its more detailed recipes are sure to be a big help in whipping up that full-course online community. Bon appetit."

--Drupal Ace



The best down-to-earth-guide to Drupal site development I have come across.
If you want a practical, no nonsense eBook, the Ultimate Community Site
Guide is for you.

You can spend months wading through the countless forums, videos and
technical module pages on Drupal - I know, I did. Or you can read this
guide and go straight to the point and take you through each step to get
your site up and running with the minimum of complexity.



I'm not exactly a drupal newbie - I've written modules, upgraded modules from 4->5 and 5->6, built themes from scratch. I could have figured out everything you lay out in the book, but I've never done anything with complex profiles and your book was just an incredibly good investment to save me time building my site. At 5.50 euros, it's really stupid to waste all that time going through the forums and modules lists trying to figure it out, when it's laid out so nicely in your book.




Hi Dorien, I really enjoyed the book and base some of my current work on the functionality you explained in the book. Sometimes developers don't have all the time to go through each module to find out which one should be choosen for a specific task or which one's are the better choice. The reason I love the book so much is because you gave a clear development path. I could not find another drupal book that explains 3rd party modules quite as well as yours did! I look forward to seeing more books from you. You can view my website at www.eqasion.com.




Good Book,

It was easy to understand and I was able to use it to get a basic community site up for a school organization in just a couple of days with it.




I am also a newbie , but the way I set the profile is with Content Profile Module , add few CCK fields for personal info. For the avatar use ImageField, Imageapi and Filefield. For avatar to show resized (fixed on all profiles) use Imagecache and add avatar as a Node View type. If you are a total newbie like me , I suggest you go to Drupalfun.com and check the ebook about building social networking sites that Dorien wrote for ignorants like myself. The best 5.5 EUR I ever spent in my life!



Holy shit Dorien,

Your book is going to save me so much time! I've been going through all the various profile options for Drupal and was doing a bit of testing here and there. I had reached the stage where I realized I was going to want to use Content Profile, Views, Panels, and Assign Role and a couple of others when I discovered your book. I need to build some quite complex profiles and have been thinking over the strategy for this for a few days. Now this is going to be soooo much easier.



Hello Dorien

I really appreciate the book. I have only read a few chapters and I feel confident that I can have a site running in less than a week. I didn't expect your book to make life so easy for me. I was in a great doubt when I purchased it(considering various frauds on internet). However, I am pleased, overjoyed and very very happy to spend 5.50 euros to purchase your ebook. Great effort. You made it very simple to understand.

Thank you very much.


Suyash Ramineni



Hello Dorien,

I just bought the e-book after I read the reviews then I took a quick look
at the content after downloading.

My first impression is : Practical and excellent book.

I reached your e-book searching google for an online Drupal training.
I saw both adsense and google search and they both looked suspicious
because of the price 5.50 Euros.

You normally don't get anything of value for such a price (experienced
charlatans ask for more for the same reason).

You did a good job and it deserves more, I would say at least 2 all the
way up to 4 or 5 times.

Thanks for the good aesthetics of the book which makes an enjoyable

I'm using it to start my Glocal Citizen Action project in my spare time of





My name is Hamilton, and I have a health website in Brazil. I am looking for innovate ideas to build a health community.


I would like to congratulate you for your initiative...