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ebook - Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide - 2nd Edition


Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide. 2nd Edition

With notes for Drupal 5

Now everyone can set up a social network with the free CMS Drupal


Table of contents

ISBN 978-2-8399-0490-2

Author: Dorien Herremans

Ebook: pdf file of 172 pages

This second edition contains updated screenshots and action-lists matching the latest modules including Panels 3.

A large number of screenshots will guide the reader through the process of setting up a community site with the Drupal 5 or 6 framework. A number of popular topics, such as profiles, picture and video galleries, maps, messaging, groups, friends etc are discussed.

Drupal is one of the best content management systems (CMS) around. In fact, it has won the Best PHP 2009 Open Source CMS Award and is a 2009 Webware 100 winner for the third time in a row. For about 9 years now, Drupal has been providing users with one of the best and most versatile frameworks around. The reader will be guided through the different modules and configuration settings needed to build a solid community site. And we go even further, by looking at how to structure content and making a few €, $, ¥, ¢, £,... from your site. It is going to be an exploration of modules and their features.

The main strategy of this book it to use only out-of-the-box, user contributed modules. So anybody can make a great site. This well thought strategy offers us the following advantages:

  1. Easy to update.
  2. Anyone can do it.
  3. Expansive: at any time, you can install a module safely, to allow additional functionality.

Every function will be explained using the fully integrated case study Drupalfun.

Anyone can build a social networking site with Drupal after reading this book.

About the author

Dorien Herremans is a MSc Commercial Engineer in Management Information Systems, from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. She has lectured IT and 3D Computer Animation at Les Roches University of Applied Science in the Swiss Alps. She is currently doing her PhD at the University of Antwerp, developing a local search metaheuristic for computer aided music composition. She is also the founder of Sun Flare Ltd, a Drupal consultancy/development company. Among others, she loves life and Drupal, and has set up a multitude of sites, using creative techniques to get the maximum out of this great framework.

You are welcome to contact the author concerning Drupal consulting. You can get in touch with Dorien via drupalfun.com, or at dorien at drupalfun.com.

Due to popular demand, the case study site of the ebook is now available for download here.

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